JG-174 Vibration Polishing Machine
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Features and Applications:
  • Model JG-174 Vibration Polishing Machine is designed for reaching the high quality polishing and reducing the equipment dependence on staff skills.
  • It uses a spring plate and a magnetic motor to produce vibration in the upper and lower directions.
  • The spring plate between the polishing disc and the vibrating body is angled so that the sample can move circularly in the disc.
  • The operation is simple and the applicability is wide. It can be applied to almost all kinds of materials.
  • The polishing time can be arbitrarily set up according to the sample state, and the polishing area is wide which would not generate damage layer and deformation layer.
  • It can effectively remove and avoid the characteristics of floating, embedded and plastic rheological defects.
  • Unlike traditional vibratory polishing machines, LVP-300 can make horizontal vibration and maximum increase the contract time with the polishing cloth.
  • Once the user has set the program, the sample will automatically start vibratory polishing in the disc.
  • Besides, many pieces of sample can be placed at one time, which greatly improves the work efficiency, and the external transparent dust cover can ensure the cleanness of the polishing disc.
  • The whole machine is made of ABS material.
  • The appearance is novel and beautiful, and the vibration frequency can be adjusted automatically with the working voltage.
  • This machine is not suitable for the polishing of the workpiece with special rough surface, it takes too long time, but it is still the best choice of fine polishing machine.

Technical Specifications:

Model JG-174
Polishing disc diameter  งถ300mm
Abrasive paper diameter งถ300mm
Power 220V, 1.5KW
Voltage range 0-260V
Frequency range 25-400Hz
Max. Setup time 99 Hours 59 Minutes
Sample holding diameter งถ22mm, งถ30mm, งถ45mm
Dimension 450 x 565 x 400mm
Net weight 90Kg

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