JG-144 Vacuum Mounting Press
JG-144 Vacuum Mounting Press Mounting Press Metallographic Equipments Malaysia, Negeri Sembilan (NS), Seremban Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | JNG Industry Sdn Bhd
Equipment Usage:
  • JG-144 Vacuum Mounting Press is a special samples set of equipment in the cold.
  • Through to the samples and set with resin vacuum, can remove samples and set the gases of the resin.
  • Hole in the sample will be set with resin filling, samples and set between resin doesn’t appear aperture.
  • At the same time 5-8 inlays 30mm diameter of the samples.

Technical Specifications:

Model JG-144
Overall dimension 290 x x240 x 220mm
The vacuum chamber size           Diameter: 100mm       Height: 50mm
(This size can be customized)
Vacuum -0.08MPa
Power supply 220V, 50W


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