JG-600E Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine
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Equipment Usage:
  • JG-600E Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine is the use of hydraulic power source drive, electro-hydraulic servo control technology, computer data acquisition and processing, can achieve closed-loop control and automatic detection of high-precision material testing equipment, by the test machine host, oil source (hydraulic power source),The measurement and control display system and the test fixture are composed of four parts, the maximum test force is 600kN and the test machine accuracy grade is 1 .
  • The testing machine is a universal product, the host uses a dual-test space structure, the upper and lower beams , for stretching space between the lower beam and the test table for the compression space between the test space through the sprocket and screw rotation driven down the beam up and down to automatically adjust. The upper and lower beams are provided with a wedge clamping jaw with built-in hydraulic control, the standard model is fitted with a V -shaped clamp block for clamping round specimens and flat specimens for tensile testing; the lower crossbeam of the standard model is equipped with the upper plate, and the lower plate is arranged on the test bench, and the compression test of metal and rubber can be done directly.
​Technical specificatios:

Model JG-600E
Capacity 600kN
Accuracy class Grade 1
Quantity of high stiffness columns 4 columns and 2 leading screw
Force range 1%-100%FS
Load resolution Better than 1/300,000 of full scale, no steps division (Least count: 2N)
Load measurement accuracy Better than ±1% of reading
Displacement measurement accuracy Better than ±1% of reading
Displacement resolution 0.013mm
Deformation measurement accuracy Better than ±1% of reading
Loading speed range 0.02-2%FS
Test speed range 0-140 mm/min
Round specimen diameter งถ10 - งถ40 mm
Flat specimen thickness 2 - 30mm
Maximum compression space 700 mm
Maximum tensile space between the hydraulic tensile grips 710 mm
Load velocity range 120N/s-12kN/s
Distance between columns 430mm
Piston stroke 250mm
Diameter of Compression platens 200 x 200 (mm)
Mainframe Dimension 940 x 650 x 2400 (mm)
Oil station dimension 1150 x 600 x 900 (mm)
Over-load protection 5% of the max. loading capacity
Net Weight 2500 kg
Power supply 3 phase 5 lines, 380V AC, 50Hz, 1 phase 220V


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