JG-7003 Precision Micro Injection Molding Machine
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Equipment Usage:
  • JG-7003 Precision Micro Injection Molding Machine is small version of production machine.
  • It is small, easy to move, suitable for classroom teaching and small sample making.
  • Th eproduct includes mold clamping parts, sol injection parts, the host body, heating system, control system and feeding charging device.
  • This machine has the advantages of simple structure, easy handling, electricity and raw material saving, non-noise and non-pollution, can be used at any places with 220V power supply.

Overview of structure and main performance specification:

Technical Specifications:

Model JG-7003
Feeding Torque 105N.M (servo motor & planetary gear reducer)
Air Pressure ≥0.8Mpa
Displacement Resolution 0.1mm
Displacement Stroke 0-70mm
Feeding Screw Speed 1-130rpm
Opening Stroke 70mm (exclude the mold plate)
Injection Force 1800kg
Shot Weight 30g
Locking Force 6T
Working Area Temperature                        Zone 1/2: 360”ęzone 3: 180”ę
Temp. Accuracy ±0.5”ę (under temperature constant state)
Power Supply Single phase 220v±10%£»50Hz
Power Capacity 2.2kw
Screw Diam. 20mm
Column Spacing 280 × 186 (mm)
Mold Plate Size 360 x 90 (mm)
Dimension (L × W × H) 1660 × 500 × 950 (mm)
Packing Size (L x W x H) 1750 x 720 x 1280 (mm)
G.W./N.W. 410/380kg
Brand of Major Component PLC HMI — Delta (Taiwan)
Solid State Relay — Omron (Japan)
Planetary Reducer — Sonko(Taiwan)

1. Standard Accessories
Split dumbbell mold (Customized various shape template is available)
    Features: Without automatically specimen ejection function.
Suitable for making various shape of specimen with little quantity, which need to change the mold tenlate frequently.

2. Optional Accessories
    One-piece mold (Customized various shape template is available)
    Features: Can automatically eject the specimen.
Suitable for making single product which don't need to change mold frequently.

Pictures Of Machine:

Pictures Of Specimens:

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