JG-209 Notch Hydraulic Broaching Machine (Double Knives)
JG-209 Notch Hydraulic Broaching Machine (Double Knives) Impact Specimen Gap Broaching Machine Series Charpy Testing Machine Metal Testing Malaysia, Negeri Sembilan (NS), Seremban Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | JNG Industry Sdn Bhd
Equipment Usage:
  • Impact specimen notch broaching machine is the dedicated and affiliated equipment with metallic pendulum impact testing machine, the machine adopts hydraulic drive, electric control the rise and fall of broach, broach lifting speed can be adjusted, adopting the lubricating oil to lubricate blade mouth parts at the same time, to ensure the sample accords with a requirement gap size and surface finish.
  • The machine due to the use of a forming principle, the machining gap of good identity.
  • Broach manufactured high-quality high-speed W18Cr4V steel alloy, and its high hardness, good wear resistance, long service life, per knife can be processed more than 20000 samples for hardness within HRC40.

Conform To The Standard:
  • GB/T229-2007 >;
  • ASTM E23-02a <Metal material gap specimen standard impact test method>;
  • ISO148-2008 <Metallic materials-Charpy pendulum impact test>;
  • DIN 50 115-1991<Metal material impact test special sample size and fracture judge>

Main Function:
  • Use for making the metal charpy pendulum impact specimen notch.

Application Industry:
  • Measuring quality and technical supervision departments, metallurgical steel, pressure vessel, oil pipe, machinery manufacturing, automobile production, scientific research institutes and other industries.

Main Characteristivs:
  • Broach using good quality W18Cr4V high-speed alloy steel manufacturing, cutting tool parameters through professional design, long service life.
  • The machine hydraulic system is integration design, compact structure, rational layout, convenient to use.
  • The machine is equipped with blade mouth cooling lubrication system, to ensure the sample accords with a requirement gap size and surface finish, and extend the service life of the broach.
  • Broach rise and fall guide with high precision linear guide, ensure the accuracy of the equipment to a great extent and extend the service life of the equipment.
  • The hydraulic system adopts famous brand components, greatly improve the stability of equipment operation.
  • It can processing two samples at the same time, improve the working efficiency.

Technical Specifications:

Model JG-209
Sample notch type U type (U2), V type (V2)
Processing sample size 10 x 10 (7.5 or 5) x 55mm
Braoch hardness Around HRC65
Installed broach quantity 2
Cutting speed 2.5MPa
Hydraulic oil stroge 25L
Broach stroke 340mm (U2, V2)
Broach material W18Cr4V    
Motor power 370W
Power 3 Phase
Dimensions (LxWxH) 480mm x 660xx x 1200mm
Weight 200kg

Standard Configuration:

Name Quantity    
Main frame 1 unit
V2 Broach 1 pc
U2 Broach 1 pc

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